Deb and Daniela grew up together in Aroostook County, Maine. Their work ethic and interests were formed by this agricultural community who’s rhythm was centered around autumn harvest, even the schools closed at harvest time (all hands needed). They have since lived and moved throughout the USA (and a few stints abroad) before coming to their respective homesteads in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Having decided to incorporate acorns in their diets, research brought them to Marcie Mayer   in Greece, who created the Acorn Hamada Initiative on the Greek island of Kea where she  makes AMAZING acorn cookies! Daniela and Deb traveled to Greece to learn about and bring in the 2015 Acorn harvest with Marcie and other volunteers from all over the world.  Truly, Marcie inspired us to create the New England Acorn Cooperative  and to provide education/tools/best practices for anyone interested in acorn harvesting and healthy eating. Thank you Marcie!

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Deb and Daniela



At the Rusty Acorn Farm