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Come see Seed: The Untold Story

We missed the needed number to bring this to Hingham December 5th :-(… YET, here’s another chance to see it Thursday February 9th at 7:30pm  in Hanover, MA –  if you help Norwell Farms efforts to book it  by visiting  (link to Gathr Films)  & reserve a seat today!


SEED: The Untold Story is a feature-length documentary featuring Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbell, and Winona LaDuke, following passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000-year old food legacy.


Hanover Mall Cinemas 10
1775 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339

For Good Nuts Sakes!

Thank you to all who participated in the acorn gathering walk  at the Cabot Bradley estate on National Nut Day, and to the lovely Danielle for capturing great images of the intrepid gatherers out in the rain, doing an acorn float test, and discussing the health and wealth of the oak ecology in these parts with Tim, the Acorn Arborist.
image2Acorn quality discussion & gathering in the rain.

Test driving a New England Acorn Cooperative “acorn weasel”  (behind Tim).

The “Float Test” process (and customized Acorn Gathering head gear).


More Acorn information, demonstration, and inspiration than you can shake a stick at.

Recipes will be shared with the participants through the Trustees :-)

Thank you everyone for Joining Us!



What is a “good” acorn?

Always glad to see friends, especially when they are toting 200 lbs of nuts!


Tim and Danielle have already amassed a nice cache of tree corns and we spent the day sorting, swapping stories,  and doing an inventory of NEACooperative equipment.


We also ran a float test of their most recent haul…nice fat reds!



DON’T MISS an opportunity this coming Saturday – October 22nd  to walk with Tim  at the Bradley Estate in Canton and talk about the New England Oak tree ecology we are so lucky to have.

Tim will  be sharing well-considered techniques and tools for finding and gathering “acorn-ocopia” of good eating acorns. You’ll be primed to bring an ancient and powerful nutrition to your table this season, picked by your own hand.

REGISTER at the Trustees website. See you there!




Acorn Gathering

Rainy day today, time to catch up a little on the blur of recent sunny days!



acorn scouting…




new gathering friends…



img_3531      img_3533

new variety of acorns… (anybody recognize these?)

Want to join the party? Learn where to look for the best acorns, and how to tell the good from the bad! Join us October 22nd at the Bradley Estate in Canton for an Acorn Walk with Arborist Tim Ryan.

Registration t the Trustees website.



Hello Harvestin’ Howard!

We got a delicious treat this week when Harvestin’ Howard shared a batch of his amazing Acorn Sunflower Chips.
Earthy brown, crisp and savory, they held salsa and cheese with ease, the nutty flavor smoothly coming through whatever we loaded it with (though I liked them plain – just to savor the acorn).

Howard has an interesting history with acorns (and other “wild” foods and animals) that includes comics and werewolves (I’ll let you google on that). He is gifted and generous with his knowledge and experience.  Unfortunately (for us) these chips are no longer on the market, though you may be able to barter… Cookies are in the works for this batch. Thank you Howard!!fullsizerender-2


Kudos Deb!

When technology wood, she wins!  So pleased that my amazing friend’s image was selected as the winner of the hand hide photo contest, bravo Deb! You continue to inspire me to look at things in a new way xoxXO  See @houseofswiss Instagram or  House of Swiss website for more…

Acorn Gathering Walk on National Nut Day

Come for a walk at the Trustees of the Reservation’s Bradley Estate on Saturday October 22 (National Nut Day!) and collect a food that spans human history – acorns, from our mighty oaks! We will identify, gather, and talk about how to store food grade acorns.

New England Acorn Cooperative member and arborist Tim Ryan will guide the walk and discussion of the ecology and health of the New England Oak/forest, and impact for wildlife of human harvest of this crop. Registration through the Trustees.

Acorn processing (hulling, leaching, milling) workshop on Monday October 24th National Food Day.

Happy Arbor Day (and then some)

New England Acorn Cooperative members have a lot of pots on the stove right now and  we gathered  for Arbor Day to put a couple of those pots in the ground in honor of the mighty Oak – a tree that shelters thousands of species and produces more nuts than all other nut trees in america combined (1) and the amazing Acorn – that modest nut that feeds over 100 U.S vertebrate species (2) among other things…

NEACoop Arbor Day sign

Its a great day to call attention to these amazing beings…but far from enough, so  we’ll be stretching the celebration out over the rest of the spring – with seeds and seedlings to share, please let us know if you have a spot for a baby Oak!



We are students, and are grateful to be learning from the incredible folks at The Resilience Hub in Maine, D Acres in New Hampshire, and the Boston Food Forest in Massachusetts. We’d love to meet you at any one of their gatherings, and we welcome any oak lore you’d like to share with us or the Acorn community we are planting for the planet.



We hope this site is (among other things) a launch pad for your exploration into Oaks and Acorns. Below are just a couple of sites we have learned and shared information from.  A “Resource” page with additional links are in the works…







O,  & did you know?…

Oak National Tree poster


Yes, the Oak is the national tree of the United States, per congressional vote!








Earth Day – Plant it for the Planet!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Our celebration this year involves sprouting some of our favorite acorns to plant for future acorn gatherers – feathered, furred or other (human) forager. Oaks are one of the most important trees in the New England area for providing habitats to  wildlife… and all those who know the magic meals acorns can make 😉

For now, the acorns that have sprouted have been transferred to pots for gifting, next week (Arbor Day) we will be planting with friends. Hope to see you out there too with your plans to plant!

Image 2 Image 13 Image 19

Acorn Inspiration in Greece!


Ancient Oaks on the Island of Kea

In October of 2015 Daniela and I went to the Greek Island of Kea to learn more about acorn processing and to help bring in the Autumn harvest at  Red Tractor Farm (big thank you to Marcie Mayer, the queen of all things acorn, for her big heart and her wealth of knowledge).

Our home base was in Korissia but we drove all over the island visiting ancient Oak Trees, took a half day and walked around the no-car town of Ioulida and even took a dip in Spathi bay. A rare treat for us New Englanders in late October.
We fell in love the with the scent in the air (a heady mixture of sea salt and thyme/lavender), a few local cats, the honey bees, morning roosters and wild olives.
What’s not to love?
Lemon trees, bougainvillea, wild oxalis, delicious food (blowing a big kiss right back at you Katerina) and the wonderful company. The self reliant and friendly folks who live on the island are just an extension of all that is right about Kea. I miss it and hope to get back there someday!
Links to visit: (buy Acorn cookies and other good things here!) (visit the red tractor farm guest houses!)

Zorba’s Dance by Starlite Orchestra
Syrtaki Dance by Jean-Luc Barreau
Hummingbird by George Winston

Now we have a serious case of acorn envy, did you see the size of those nuts?

We’ll be back one day Marcie!


Deb and Daniela


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