Hand picking acorns is ideal for gentle impact on the land (no heavy machinery) ensuring the quality of the acorns selected for food (visual contact with the nuts rather than vacuuming them up), mindful harvest (always leaving gleanings for wildlife and species regeneration).

Hand-shelling acorns is another matter. We have happily used (and highly  recommend) Davebilt’s #43  Nutcracker . Capable of cracking hundreds of pounds of acorns a day (or as long as your arms can crank) and made by a really good guy.

The Cooperative’s vision  includes working together to make some parts of the process easier for folks who want to make more that a few pounds  of flour a year. We have also pretty much smoked a few family blenders and coffee makers over the last few years of making grits and flour…

We now focus on acquiring tools with greater capacity.  Below is our wish list for the Cooperative, if you would like to contribute to (and have use of) these tools, please check out the Community (and Acorn Angel) page.

Commercial Nut Cracker


Commercial Leaching Tanks

Leaching Tanks

Commercial Dehydrator


Drying racks & Storage Units

Half Baker Rack & PansFull Baker Rack & Pans

Commercial Flour Mill ACQUIRED!

Flour Mill

Walk-in Cooler

Walk-in Cooler

Vacuum Packer

Vacuum Sealer