Your Contribution to the New England Acorn Cooperative is greatly appreciated..


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The Cooperatives purpose is to provide education and resources for individuals and organizations interested in respectful, sustainable, acorn harvesting, processing and consumption, and to build long-term partnerships that are environmentally sound and economically fair between land-owners, preserved open spaces, wildlife, gatherers, processors and consumers of acorns.

Join us and give the gift of Community Support today to help us share knowledge and opportunities for everyone to participate in Acorn harvests and processing.

Community Contribution funds support:

  • Education and outreach to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of equipment for communal use (acorn huller, acorn flour mill).
  • Network of acorn enthusiasts, individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in acorn food products.
  • Advocacy for important food forest and environmental issues locally, regionally, and globally.
  • Annual New England Acorn Cooperative Dinner and other acorn community related activities.

Thanks and Blessings!



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