Ancient Oaks on the Island of Kea

In October of 2015 Daniela and I went to the Greek Island of Kea to learn more about acorn processing and to help bring in the Autumn harvest at  Red Tractor Farm (big thank you to Marcie Mayer, the queen of all things acorn, for her big heart and her wealth of knowledge).

Our home base was in Korissia but we drove all over the island visiting ancient Oak Trees, took a half day and walked around the no-car town of Ioulida and even took a dip in Spathi bay. A rare treat for us New Englanders in late October.
We fell in love the with the scent in the air (a heady mixture of sea salt and thyme/lavender), a few local cats, the honey bees, morning roosters and wild olives.
What’s not to love?
Lemon trees, bougainvillea, wild oxalis, delicious food (blowing a big kiss right back at you Katerina) and the wonderful company. The self reliant and friendly folks who live on the island are just an extension of all that is right about Kea. I miss it and hope to get back there someday!
Links to visit: (buy Acorn cookies and other good things here!) (visit the red tractor farm guest houses!)

Zorba’s Dance by Starlite Orchestra
Syrtaki Dance by Jean-Luc Barreau
Hummingbird by George Winston

Now we have a serious case of acorn envy, did you see the size of those nuts?

We’ll be back one day Marcie!


Deb and Daniela