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Month: April 2016

Happy Arbor Day (and then some)

New England Acorn Cooperative members have a lot of pots on the stove right now and  we gathered  for Arbor Day to put a couple of those pots in the ground in honor of the mighty Oak – a tree that shelters thousands of species and produces more nuts than all other nut trees in america combined (1) and the amazing Acorn – that modest nut that feeds over 100 U.S vertebrate species (2) among other things…

NEACoop Arbor Day sign

Its a great day to call attention to these amazing beings…but far from enough, so  we’ll be stretching the celebration out over the rest of the spring – with seeds and seedlings to share, please let us know if you have a spot for a baby Oak!



We are students, and are grateful to be learning from the incredible folks at The Resilience Hub in Maine, D Acres in New Hampshire, and the Boston Food Forest in Massachusetts. We’d love to meet you at any one of their gatherings, and we welcome any oak lore you’d like to share with us or the Acorn community we are planting for the planet.



We hope this site is (among other things) a launch pad for your exploration into Oaks and Acorns. Below are just a couple of sites we have learned and shared information from.  A “Resource” page with additional links are in the works…







O,  & did you know?…

Oak National Tree poster


Yes, the Oak is the national tree of the United States, per congressional vote!








Earth Day – Plant it for the Planet!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Our celebration this year involves sprouting some of our favorite acorns to plant for future acorn gatherers – feathered, furred or other (human) forager. Oaks are one of the most important trees in the New England area for providing habitats to  wildlife… and all those who know the magic meals acorns can make 😉

For now, the acorns that have sprouted have been transferred to pots for gifting, next week (Arbor Day) we will be planting with friends. Hope to see you out there too with your plans to plant!

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