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Month: March 2017

2017 Acorn Dinners, Birthdays & Breakfasts

Much love to current and new Cooperative Friends who started 2017 with wonderful acorn food based gatherings, dinners, birthdays and breakfasts – and are working to create more  community education opportunities and resources… Recipes to follow (soon)!

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2017 NOFA Winter Conference Workshop, thanks!

Belated and BIG thanks to acorn aficionado Myles Greene for this expert and enthusiastic acorn processing workshop at the 2017  NOFA Winter Conference in January:


Dispelling Myths of the Acorn: From Tree to Table
Ever think to yourself, “I wish I could eat all those acorns littered on the ground?” Learn about North America’s most under-utilized wild food, how and when to harvest, and most importantly, how to process the acorn in this workshop. This workshop will be a combination of introductory lecture and hands-on: We will utilize ancestral and modern methods to process acorns.
Myles Green – Forager, beekeeper, gardener







Myles has delivered educational programs and workshops to young folks for years  and is working with the Cooperative to develop curriculum for middle school students.  He also makes an amazing acorn banana bread!