What a great couple of weeks of acorn workshops! Good folks at the Easton Foodie Group, Freedom Food Farm and D Acres Organic Farm and Educational Homestead got cracking & worked through a goodly portion of our”demo” acorns (pictures below).

Thanks to a very generous donation, we’ve got plenty of acorns to work with tomorrow at our last workshop this month with the Boston Food Forest Coalition. Join us, or come by after if you have acorns to crack, the Cooperative is making the Davebuilt available to anyone who would like to use it after the workshop too. Contact us about other opportunities.

Whats in your pocket?


Its good luck to carry an acorn in your pocket!

Save the Date: Sunday December 2nd!

Join us for the 2nd annual New England Acorn Cooperative Festivaldetails soon!


Freedom Food Farm Acorn Workshop

IMG_20181006_150221886_HDR (1)

IMG_20181006_143500231 (1)IMG_20181006_142532889

image4 (2)

IMG_20181006_152347249_HDR (1)


D Acres Acorn Workshop

image1 (1)

image4 (3)

image6 (2)

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IMG_1775 (1)


Easton Foodie Group





Thank you to everyone who came and shared!