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Month: December 2018

Thanks for 2018

Slide1What a year,  thank you every body.  May 2019 be full of good people and things for all of us.

Keep calm and carry an acorn.

International Oak Society

While our work is with the woods in our neighborhoods, we are also members of The International Oak Society – which provides scientific, social and archival services for the naturally international Querc-y community. InterOakSoc

We treely are all connected… Climb aboard!


Acorn Festival Thanks and Fun

Wonderful folks came this weekend to share, celebrate, eat and compete with mighty (& mini) acorns!

Thanks to D Acres for hosting;  Jesse, Jeff, Myles, Ana, Rochelle and Deb for making it come together;  & all festival participants for curiosity,  kicking in, and continuing to share what you learned this Sunday about the science,  social, nutritional, and natural fun of this fruit of the oak!

Following an outstanding “All You Should Eat” D Acres Farm breakfast, activities included: a mini processing workshop,


Browsing books and acorn articles,IMG_4514

Coloring paper acorns and oak leaves,



The BIGGEST & LITTLEST (tied for tiny) Acorns!


Acorn Art Contest Voting…



Art Winner!IMG_4537

Action with the Davebuilt Nutcracker,IMG_4557

Processing points.


Gourmet acorn and wild mushroom soup a la Jeff,  acorn crackers, two acorn breads, acorn cranberry autumn olive crisp, and acorn pudding,


Myles making beautiful plates!


Triple Cap Row -a board game with red vs white acorn caps,IMG_4607

and pinecones.IMG_4506

A treasure hunt for golden acorns,


Community cracking and shelling acorns,


Acorn Angels,  Yule logs and THANKS to donors for supporting the Cooperative!


Wishing you all healthy happy holiday celebrations. Keep calm and carry an acorn!