Sunday,  October 6th 2019 

Join us Sunday October 6th at D Acres in NH to share acorn lore, food, and FUN. Sunday’s activities will include an acorn gathering walk, and  demonstrations and how to process for human consumption. Make a day of it! (call ahead (603) 786-2366 ) COME at 10AM FOR D ACRES ALL YOU SHOULD EAT FARM FEAST BREAKFAST 

Sunday October 6th 2019 Acorn Workshop opens at 1PM with an acorn walk through beautiful paths of D Acres. Topics of discussion will include New England Oak Ecology and the practically universal cultural heritage of eating acorns. We’ll identify how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, tools & techniques for gathering efficiently, and what “a light footprint” means.

WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the weather (gloves, rain-coat, etc). We’ll have plenty of acorns to work with, but you are welcome to bring acorns you have gathered elsewhere. The Cooperative also offers the use of the Davebilt nutcracker to the community at D Acres that day.

Acorn Event is FREE, please call ahead to register (603) 786-2366 .  ALL You Should Eat Farm Breakfast is 7:30-11am – check website for generous pricing.