New England Acorn Cooperative

A Gathering Place for the Acorn Community

Month: November 2019

3rd Annual New England Acorn Festival

The 2019 Acorn Festival opens Sunday, December 8th at 1PM with acorn talk & tour through beautiful paths of D Acres. Topics of discussion will include New England Oak Ecology, health, and other forest news. We will identify how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, tools & techniques for gathering efficiently (with a light footprint) and how to process for human consumption.

Festival activities and contests are FREEWe use eventbrite registration to gauge how much food to prepare –  so please REGISTER!

WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the weather (gloves, rain-coat, etc). We’ll have plenty of acorns to work with, but you are welcome to bring acorns you have gathered elsewhere. Been inspired? You can bring a submission for one or all of the acorn contests (see categories below).


Acorn contest submissions may be entered on the day (12/8/19), and will be voted on by the day’s participants.

CONTESTS include:

• The Biggest (& Smallest) Acorn (s)

• Acorn drawing / photo (please bring in frame that can stand on table)

• Acorn poem / song (please bring typed copy for perusal by participants)

• Acorn sculpture or collage

• Acorn dishes/recipes (please bring printed list of ingredients for taster’s food sensitivity concerns)

Questions, or want to contribute to the celebration? Please use the eventbrite platform to communicate about this event, thanks!

The New England Acorn Cooperative is a young and burgeoning network of acorn enthusiasts from New England and beyond. We hold workshops on processing acorns, provide equipment for acorn-enthusiasts to process their own harvests, host acorn and wild-food dinners, and act as a support and educational network for anyone interested in oaks and their beautiful fruits.

Acorns at “The Cooking Place” in NYC!

Our acorn mentor Marcie Mayer will visit NYC’s Fairway’s “Cooking Place” on Thursday December 5th to teach a workshop on cooking with Acorns!

Come see what she is up to, sample the difference between Greek and New England acorn flour, and hear what she’s been up to. Besides developing and marketing recipes with acorns, Marcie manages the exportation of acorn caps for traditional leather tanning in Germany and Turkey. The longer she works with acorns the more applications become apparent and she is now cooperating with a major natural cosmetic company to use the byproduct from acorn flour processing in cosmetics and elsewhere. Join her for some superfood fun!

The first six people to sign up for the class will also receive a FREE copy of Marcie’s book, Eating Acorns.


Dishes May Include:

Meatless Kefdedakia Meatballs and Snowballs


Register for the Fairway Cooking Place event  at Eventbrite, see you there!