Greetings acorn lovers and the curious.  Oak catkins have fallen here and leaves are full and fresh. How are things in the woods near you?
So many traditions celebrate this time of year for light, warm weather, the developing harvest.  Of course, we love the tales that feature the Oak King.  However you observe, may you find your ways outdoors to  explore,  experience, and enjoy this branch of the cycle.

IMG_2176 {Oak King image by Anne Stokes from}

IMG_2179Thank you Melanie!

Now, back to the beginning… We stratified some prize (large) red oak acorns this  winter and planted for the planet this spring…
Want to know whats going on up there in the oaks in your neighborhood?  Excellent (brief) paper about acorn development from the University of Tennessee. For children, check out Little Acorn Learning    and  here’s a wonderful oak growing guide from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources if you want to get your hands dirty and midwife a mighty oak. We’re all in this together.
Thanks to Kym, for this fun find:

Thanks to Jonathan, for this recent Wall Street Times article  “Best Friend in Quarantine
Be well and safe.  Remember, it’s good luck to have an acorn in your pocket.