Contributions to the Cooperative are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Our 501c3 number is 81-5023954. If you use Paypal or AmazonSmile please find the Cooperative registered there too.

Community Contribution funds support:

The New England Acorn Cooperative is a young and burgeoning network of acorn enthusiasts from New England and beyond. We hold workshops on processing acorns, provide equipment for acorn-enthusiasts to process their own harvests, host acorn and wild-food dinners, and act as a support and educational network for anyone interested in oaks and their beautiful fruits. 

The New England Acorn Cooperative is a federally recognized educational 501c3. We gladly accept donations of kitchen equipment, greenhouse materials and supplies (dry, unheated space for curing acorns in shell), and monetary donations toward acorn gathering and processing educational programs. We also have an  Acorn Cooperative Resources Wish List for you angels out there!

Thanks and Blessings!



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