As soon as you get home with your acorn haul, an important quality control practice is the Float Test/water bath. We dump our day’s collection into a 5 gallon bucket,  fill it with cool water and give everything a rigorous stir with our hands to knock off the road dust.

Buggy or otherwise bad acorns usually float to the surface and you can scoop them away and put them back in the wildlife larder, compost, or neighborhood porcine pen (who don’t mind bugs). Later in the season (as acorns dry) this test becomes a bit less effective since drier acorns float – but it is still a good idea to give everything a good water wash and towel dry before setting out on racks (no more than 2 acorns deep) to dry.



(nice rack Myles)

For further processing steps please check out the How To guides at the top of our Resources page.

Happy acorn hunting!