Come learn how to make ACORNS delicious!

Sunday’s activities will include an acorn gathering “how to” walk and processing demonstrations. There will be acorn foods to sample and recipes to share.

We will start at 1PM with a brief gathering walk. We will identify how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, and tools & techniques for gathering efficiently – with a light footprint. Topics of discussion will include New England Oak Ecology and other forest news.

The walk, talk, and workshops are FREE. Space is limited, please register at Eventbrite

2–3 PM will be inside the dance barn:  demonstration of acorn processing and storage methods, using equipment found in most households.  Recipes to share.

3-4PM  Storage solutions for your acorn product & Acorn food and beverages to sample.

WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the weather (gloves, rain-coat, etc). We’ll have plenty of acorns to work with. EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO BRING ACORNS GATHERED ELSEWHERE so everyone can learn – and use the Cooperative’s Davebilt nut-cracker to shell them.

REGISTER to attend 🙂