Acorn Gathering Tools

  • Bags, baskets, backpack.
  • Nut weasel.
  • Buckets, totes, boxes and hardware cloth.
  • Sheets, towels, or racks for drying (tannin will stain).

Acorn Gathering Forethought

  • Plan for weather, water, and rest.
  • Remember, you have to carry out what you collect.
  • You must also have dry secure storage containers & space for the harvest you bring home (or it will go bad).

Time & Techniques

  • Gathering Time is September through January (or til they sprout).


  • Plucking, Shaking, Raking, Weaseling
  • Handpicking
  • Tarp or netting (& Thwacking)

Best Acorn Gathering practices

  • Permission from land owner.
  • “Clean” area (chemical & pet waste free).
  • Light and quiet foot-print on the land.
  • Leaving a third of the harvest for wildlife, forest floor, and tree regeneration (exception for lawn and yard clean-ups).
  • No trace of your presence at the end of the day.
  • Rinse/float your acorns same day of gathering for QC. Dry thoroughly for storage prior to processing.
Drying acorns in sun (guard dog out of picture, chasing squirrel)…

Storage is KEY

Acorns dry slowly (normally outside). Without airflow, they are prone to rot, so dry them well and keep them in wicker or metal (rodent proof) baskets or boxes until you can crack and process them.